A Kinder resurrection


Ciao friend,

Here's Davide again. Deniz is enjoying her holidays in Turkey so I'm gonna take care of this virtual surprise box called "the Kinder World Newsletter" for this week too.

This Sunday is Easter, so we thought of resurrecting two of our Kinder.World's content verticals as well. In particular, we defibrillated the sections "Climate Change" and "How to travel green". In the former, you will read about "the biggest story of our time", as The New York Times defined climate change, while in the latter we'll be discussing how to make the mobility sector (airplanes, trains, cars, etc.) more sustainable for our planet.

In the next couple of weeks, the plan is to bring these two beauties up to speed with new stories, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, do you have any tips about thought-leaders in the field of sustainable mobility you think we should talk to for new articles or interviews? Please, drop me a line.  

Reading time! Here's a handpicked list of 5 articles I liked this week (well, I wrote one of them so that doesn't count):

Bonus track:

  • In a groundbreaking experiment, some scientists decided to anticipate Easter bringing back to life some cells from the brains of dead pigs. Well, sort of. Bioethicists say: "Holy shit". [The New York Times/Vox-Future Perfect]

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