Between a baby and a Picasso...


Plastic's effect on the environment is an issue that pops up quite often in Kinder World. We've done a Zero-Waste Challenge, the Plastic-free July and wrote about all kinds of plastic waste from straws to plastic bags. Hell, we have a whole category dedicated to it. But what if plastic itself isn't the problem? Previously published on Forbes, you can now read Deniz's take on the issue on Kinder World.

Effective Altruism is the philosophy behind Kinder's operations. It's both a way of thinking and a social movement using evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to do good and make the world a better place. There are some tricky parts to it that need further explanation. For example, Effective Altruists believe that if a building is on fire and you can only save one between a baby and a Picasso you should save the Picasso. But before you declare me a heartless maniac, read all about burning buildings and effective altruism on Kinder World.

Are you looking for a nice Christmas gift for your niece or nephew? Or maybe your friend's soon to be born baby 😉 What about a nice little Christmas book? And what if the book had an environmental message? We've got just the book for you! Santa's First Vegan Christmas

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