Counting calories


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How many online petitions have you signed this past year? 10? 100? How many did you follow up with to see if the petition worked? Petitions are a quick and easy way for our voices to be heard and demand change; but how much of a difference do they actually make? We wrote about the effectiveness of online petitions.

The meat and dairy industry is not only cruel it's also very ineffective in feeding people. The total of land used for meat and dairy production, including land for growing feed for the animals,  is over 83 percent of available farmland. On top of this, when it comes to greenhouse gasses the meat and dairy industry produces 60 percent of agriculture's total emissions. Despite all of this the protein and calories produced by meat and dairy are nowhere near enough to feed the people of the world. See how many calories of meat and dairy products 100 calories of grain can produce.

Are you a big podcats fan like me? Then you're probably always on the lookout for good podcasts. I like to listen to ones that are informative and educational.Here are 7 podcasts about climate change, people who are doing great work to fight it, and about what you as an individual can do.

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