Distance doesn't mean a thing


Dear friend,

In coming up with the idea for Kinder what we were doing was thinking beyond classic notions of doing charitable giving. As the world we live in changes at an immense speed, we need to adjust how we approach the notion of 'doing good'. Doing good can be much more complicated, and sophisticated, then just giving 10 Euros to the Greenpeace solicitor on the street or volunteering at your local homeless shelter. 

Just like Kinder, young people from all over the world are taking an out-of-the-box approach to activism. These three bright minds are working hard to improve their native communities despite living far away from them.

Speaking of changing conceptions, would you believe it if someone said: "the negativity around opioids and opioid addiction is causing people to die"?

Well... it's true. Opiophobia, exaggerated concern about the risks associated with opioids,  is prominent in developed countries and prevents the appropriate and necessary medical use of opioids, especially in developing countries, causing millions of people to suffer from and die in great pain.

This is just another example of how important it is to inform the general public on issues like this where the complexity lies underneath the surface.

This week's influential badass is Jeanne D’Arc Girubuntu. Much like her namesake, Girubuntu is changing the world at a very young age. At 20, she was the first black African woman to compete in the World Championships for cycling. Her success is influential, it shows that, in her words, “all the women in Africa—the poor, black women—that we too can [...] be successful, and make money.”

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