Donate like you mean it


Dear friend,

Imagine a scenario in which you're thinking about investing in a business, you would never invest in one that has the most emotional story or the coolest logo right? When we invest we carefully consider where our money will have the most return, not just whether it will have a return or not. 

Donating is not much different than investing, only with donating your investment helps others, not just you. So why do people donate as if that's money they'll never see again, make decisions with their heart and not their head?

It's time we start thinking of giving as critically as we think about investing.

Clean-meat is a favourite subject here at Kinder. We believe it is the future of food and it can solve many problems like reducing the effect of the meat industry on climate change and ending animal abuse. We even produced a landscape of the European clean-meat industry. And last week, we published our first article on Forbes about how Israel has become the promised land for clean meat, written by our Publisher Davide. 

Oh, by the way, our editorial team are Forbes contributors now!

This week's influential badass is Erin Clark. Erin is a writer, award-winning pole dancer, a paragliding pilot, and a self-proclaimed international sex icon. Oh, and she uses a wheelchair to get around.

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