I am the captain now


Dear friend,

My name is Deniz, I am the typo-prone editor of Kinder World and in light of women's day yesterday I'm taking over this newsletter and company! JK, I'm only taking over the newsletter. This week I want to keep it simple (stupid) and share some of my favourite things by, about, and for women and non-binary folks with you. Here we go.

  • Gina Martin is a 28-year-old woman who changed the law in England and Wales and made upskirting illegal in 2019. You read that right, 2019(!) not 1919. Read more about this badass woman.
  • Bell Hooks's staple book Feminism is for Everbody because it truly is.
  • Antifascist freedom fighter Lepa Radic who fought Nazis and was executed by them at the age of 17. When Nazi's offered her a life-deal in return for snitching on her comrades, she replied: "My comrades will reveal themselves when they avenge me".

Okay, I can keep doing this for hours on end because the list of women and non-binary folks I admire and the list of their accomplishments are truly endless. Maybe I should huh... I do have excellent taste after all...

Anyway, as I plot the revolution I leave you with rapper, singer-songwriter and goddess Lizzo.

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