I'm not Marty Mcfly but I'll take you to the future


Dear friend,

This week we're interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for some breaking news. Our very first Kinder Conversation is less than a week away! Ok, ok maybe it's not breaking news but it's very exciting.

What is a Kinder Conversation you ask? Kinder Conversations are quarterly events in which we discuss the most pressing challenges our global society is facing and how we can tackle them effectively. And our first one is about the future of meat.
Why? Because ending animal farming is one of the most urgent challenges to tackle for humankind. If we succeed, we would spare the lives of 56 billion animals every year, fight climate destruction, and get rid of food that is often loaded with bacteria. Going vegan, eating a plant-based diet means so much more than just caring about animals.

So we're going to talk about how to make it happen. We'll have industry professionals, representatives from innovative plant-based producers Plant Based Cheese AmsterdamSeamoreMeet Jack, and Professor Grunschnabel. They're going to bring us food to taste and answer our questions in our Q&A session.
Alongside, we will have two experts to share their insights: Leading Dutch vegan advocate and Co-founder of ProVeg Nederland Pablo Moleman and Professor Cor van der Weele who is pioneering research on the cultural impact of lab-grown meat the University of Wageningen.

So if you're around on the 28th of February come and join us! Worst case scenario you'll eat some free innovative food and meet like-minded people who are interested in the future of food. Wait... that's not bad at all, I guess you have to come now. Here are your tickets.

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