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If you live in the UK you've probably already heard of the Extinction Rebellion. If you live in London, it's highly likely that your day has been disrupted by them. Extinction Rebellion is a new social movement fighting to prevent the devastating future that awaits us if we don't start acting on matters related to climate change. They are grassroots, civil, and nonviolent. Their aim is to disrupt daily life and daily discourse to make both the public but more importantly the governments pay attention to what we're doing to our planet. Read more about the movement on Kinder World and get inspired!

Leonardo Dicaprio has been a big advocate of fighting climate change since that famous incident with the (melting) iceberg, his ex, and a door.  He has his own charity that's mission is to protect the planet's last wild places. And it's not just Leo, a lot of celebrities dabble in philanthropy and many have their own non-profit organisation. But just because they have these great big names behind them doesn't mean the organisations are also great. So, we got curious and our research team vetted five celebrity charities. Namely the charities of Leo himself, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie. Pretty A-list names huh? Check out how they did.

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