Innovating for and with the planet


Dear friend,

I think technology is not a threat to nature nor is it its exact opposite. What we're currently doing wrong is to try and use technology to 'defeat' nature somehow. As can be seen in the very urgent climate change crisis, this approach is working for neither us the human kind nor the planet. Solarpunks think we should solve modern-day challenges by getting inspiration from nature. They think our infrastructures and technology should harmonise with nature and I couldn't agree more.

I think lab-grown meat, a favourite subject at Kinder, is a great example of using technology and innovation for the planet and not against it. This week, Kinder World Editor Deniz went "undercover" on Reddit to see what vegans and vegetarians think of lab-grown meat. There is no clear consensus but seems like everyone is willing to feed it to their pets.

This week's influential person is an 83-year-old engineer from India. To date, Chewang Norphel has pioneered the building of 17 artificial glaciers in his home region Ladakh. His artificial glaciers have saved the whole region from drought and hunger.

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