It's aaliiiiiveeee!!


Dear friend,

Hard work does pay off. Our donation widget is alive and kicking! From the first hour, we already started seeing donations roll in, can't wait to see what's more to come.

The first charity we've featured in our widget is Sightsavers. I've been following their projects for a while now and it's impressive how much they achieved over the years. Sightsavers protects the sight of millions of adults and children worldwide.  They fight diseases like Trachoma, which is the leading cause of infectious blindness worldwide. Trachoma affects the lives of millions but with effective interventions like Sightsavers' it can be eliminated by 2020.

Sightsavers doesn't only fight diseases, but they also work hard on prevention measures and treatments for treatable blindness. Did you know, for example, if cataracts are left untreated, it can lead to permanent blindness? So it's crucial, especially for children, to diagnose and treat it early. An eye exam for someone under the risk costs the same as a cup of coffee for us. If you donate €30 you can pay for an adults cataract surgery, and with €90 you'll give a child their sight back. Imagine! For the small price of a night out on the town you can give someone the world and their future back.
You can donate to Sightsavers with our widget at the end of the articles if you're as impressed by their work as I am.

The second Kinder vetted organisation we featured this week is Cool Earth. Cool Earth's goal is to protect trees and rainforests but get this: they don't plant trees! Turns out, protecting our existing rainforests is much cheaper and more effective compared to planting new trees. Cool Earth works with people who live in rainforests villages to come up with solutions to protect the trees. This way, they empower local communities, protect rainforests and fight climate change.
According to a new report, deforestation is as dangerous as fossil fuels when it comes to carbon emissions, so Cool Earth is a great organisation to support if you're passionate about halting climate change. 
You can donate directly on Kinder World!

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