It's been a zero-waste(d) month


Dear friend,

June has been all about the 4 Rs at Kinder World:

🚫 Refusing
✂️ Reusing
⬇️ Reducing
♻️ Recycling 

Jas and Morgana, also known as The Ginger and The Vegan, went on a 30 day Zero-Waste journey and it has finally come to an end. 

What would have been a problematic ride for me (making my own coffee scrub?!), turned out to be very satisfactory for them. 

Jas and Morgana faced their arch nemesis, the mighty Plastic, again and again. For those eager to venture the same journey, here are their top tips:

📆 Don't take "use by" and "best by" dates on food too seriously
⛔ Just say "no" to receipts, straws, plastic cups
🌴 Try the multi-dynamic power of coconut oil

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