It's Mister Global Warming to you


Imagine you don't know much about climate change, how do the words 'global warming' sound to you? To me, especially in this weather, it sounds kind of nice. Warmness isn't really something I associate with negative feelings. Plus, the term global warming can lead to confusions such as this one:

But what if we used 'global heating' instead of 'global warming'? Replacing the word 'warming' with 'heating' actually makes the direness of our current situation much clearer. The term 'global heating' is only one of environmentalist writer George Monbiot's alternative terms to convey what's happening to our living planet. To find out the rest of the words, check out our article on Kinder World.

Yesterday was Black Friday, I'm sure you too have been bombarded with advertisements about all these big sales going on. Every year, these four days starting with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday are a big whole consumerist mess. It's all about taking, taking, taking. But what about giving back? That's when Giving Tuesday comes in. Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Cyber Monday and it's all about giving back. To read more about the tradition, and how you can participate read our story on Giving Tuesday.

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