Leaves the pythons alone... and other tales


Dear friend,

Wearing bits of animal skin has been all the rage since time immemorial. Python skin, in particular, seems like the accessory to own for today's fashionistas. And say what you will about the growing voice of animal welfare groups but walk into any big-brand store and you're bound to come across a python-skin handbag gracing the fall collection stand. 

 Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...but not really. Turns out that fashion's obsession with python leather can be cured in a lab.

This week, I came across a surprising piece of information. Apparently, of all the soy that's produced worldwide, humans only consume six percent. Yep, that includes the tofu salad you just bought in the two-for-one discount aisle at the supermarket. 

Where does the rest go, you ask? Well, most of it is used to feed the animals we so lovingly raise for slaughter. And soybean producers love that. Here's why.

With the hurricane season in full swing, we need to talk some climate change. Sceptics often claim that hurricanes and typhoons aren't caused by climate change, which is true.

But climate change may be the difference between a regular hurricane and the kind of stuff you'd watch in the movie  2012 . Scary part is, we're already seeing it happen.

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