Let's discuss what we can do about climate change


Dear friend,

I was 18 years old when a group of scientists published "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity." It didn't make the noise it should have back then, climate change wasn't making headlines. Not much has changed in the past 25 years, we're still not talking about climate change enough. It's such a big and slow-moving problem that we find it easier to ignore it. But something needs to change, The problem is getting worse every moment we don't act on it.

As the world melts down, it's inhabitants are going down with it. According to new research, we are now at the beginning of the world's sixth mass extinction; up to 1,000 animals go extinct every year.

Aren't polar bears cute? And elephants, and lions, and pandas... Were so used to seeing these animals everywhere: on cereal boxes, cartoons, advertisements. But did you know our obsession with them might actually be hurting wild animals?On a brighter note, the older generations might have been destroying our world but kids today are determined to save it. Generation-Z is already tackling the world's problems.

Speaking of problems, rising crime rates is one that Norway doesn't have. How? You ask? Quite simple: they treat their prisoners like human beings. Something to think about...If you've got some spare time this weekend, we've got even more thought-provoking content over at Kinder World. But don't forget the enjoy the sun — despite the melting ice caps.

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