Let's start giving women of colour the recognition they deserve


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By now, you've probably seen the viral video of Dutch historian Rutger Bregman. We all loved how he was giving it straight to the people in the World Economic Forum and condemning them for not talking about taxes. However, there's something offputting about the way media talked about that video. In most of the coverage, there's little to no mention of Winnie Byanyima whose powerful reply to an audience question can be seen at the end of the video. Read our editor Deniz's take on why the media coverage has been so problematic.

Photo: Fredrik Naumann/Felix Features

Speaking of badass women, have you heard of Gina Martin? The 26-year-old changed the UK law this month. Up until now, upskirting (taking nonconsensual photos up someones clothing) was not a crime in the UK. Can you believe that? In 2018, someone could just do that to another person and walk away. Well, when it happened to her at a festival Gina Martin couldn't believe the guy was getting away with it either. So she decided to do something about it. And after an 18-month long campaign, she succeeded. Upskirting is now a criminal offence in the UK with up to two years in prison.

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