Let's talk climate change


Dear friend,

I'm sure you too, have met someone who isn't convinced about the negative consequences of climate change. Someone who claims the whole thing is a hoax and retweets Donald Trump. I'm not one to back away from a discussion but sometimes I just don't feel like explaining climate change to someone. Next time, I'm just going to suggest one (or all) of these documentaries to these climate change deniers.

Coral reefs are amazingly complex and diverse ecosystems but they, like the rest of the world, are suffering from the devastating effects of climate change. Hawaii recently banned a certain chemical in sunscreens to protect its coral but unfortunately, that's not enough to save them.

This week's influential person is not a person but a fish. This fat little blind fish eats everything it comes across and has very high blood pressure but it doesn't suffer the consequences! Researchers think understanding the fish could improve the lives of people with type two diabetes greatly.

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