Meat is — more than just — murder


Dear friend,

You've probably heard the joke:
- How do you know someone's a vegan?
- They tell you.
Vegans have the bad rep of being self-righteous and confronting people with the pain they're inflicting on animals. As a result, they are often accused of caring more about animals than their fellow humans. Well, turns out #notallvegans. Veganism is much more than just caring about animals. Here are 5 reasons why reducing meat consumption is a human rights issue.

Spoiler alert: one of those five reasons is climate change. The meat industry is one of the largest greenhouse gas producers in the world. Dr Katherine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, had previously warned us that one of the biggest mistakes of humankind was thinking that climate change wouldn't affect us immediately. Well, an urgent example that climate change is in fact in full effect is the island of Kiribati; because it is sinking. While the world debates carbon emissions, the people of Kiribati are faced with the chilling certainty that their nation will soon be lost to the ocean. 

This week's influential badass is Somen Debnath. Somen is cycling around the world to spread awareness about HIV. He started his journey in 2004, with little to no money in his pocket, and decided to travel to 191 by bike to inform people about HIV. One of Kinder World's writer's Mikhil caught him in Florida to talk about his journey so far.

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