The 17th of June


Psst friend,

We have some exciting news to share in advance with you, loyal newsletter follower. Our second Kinder Conversation on airplanes and climate change will be held on Monday the 17th of June, from 6.30 to 9 pm, at TQ, in Amsterdam. It's just a month from now!

Titled "The Sky Has a Limit", the Conversation will address the issue of increasing CO2 emissions from the civil aviation industry and possible ways to solve the problem. 

Stay tuned for an official invitation next week!

Not in Amsterdam? There's no need to fly all the way here, we'll also give you the possibility to enjoy our event from the comfort of your home.

Is an eco-friendly aviation industry possible?

Your Reader's Digest about the world of sustainable aviation:

That's all from me, fly responsibly! 

Credit header image: Pexels

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