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As you know, assuming you read all my newsletters with great attention, ending animal farming is a subject we cover a lot in Kinder World. Aside from being unethical and extremely cruel towards animals, it's a know fact that the animal farming industry is responsible for a large percentage of greenhouse gasses that essentially are the number one cause of climate change aka planet destruction. And it doesn't even end here. Here are 5 reasons why the meat industry is just plain horrible.

Another, related, favourite subject at Kinder is lab-grown meat. Since 2013 when Dutch scientist Mark Post created the first lab-grown burger, this phenomenon is getting bigger and bigger and lab-grown, cruelty-free meat is very soon going to become a thing. Don't believe me? Well, we asked the author of best-selling book clean meat and CEO of Better Meat Paul Shapiro, he thinks there will be actual sales of clean meat in 2019. Are you, like us, so interested in what's happening around the subject of meat, animal rights and climate-change you can't stop talking about it? Well, let's talk to each other! We're launching Kinder Conversations, a series of events in which we discuss the most pressing challenges our global society is facing and how we can tackle them effectively. And our first Kinder Conversation is about the future of meat. There will be a panel of experts from different fields, there will be drinks and there will be vegan snacks. Seaweed bacon anyone? You can read more about the event here and get your tickets here. See you on the 28th!

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