The internet can be an awful place... but sometimes it's magical


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If I were to ask you to imagine what you know about international aid, what comes to mind first? Food? Medicine? Shelter? Yes, these are fundamental needs for everyone and what people in the developing world need. But there's another fundamental need that often gets overlooked: mental health. Despite mental illnesses such as depression being very commonplace and very debilitating to people in developing countries, international aid often does not focus on providing people with mental health services. But not Strongminds. Strongminds is a Kinder vetted non-profit that focuses on women with depression in Uganda and gives them tools to deal with the illness as well as educating them on how to help others. Here's why Strongminds's solution is incredibly effective in fighting poverty in the developing world.

The internet can be a horrible, horrible place. Just last week we were talking in Kinder World about how women environmental defenders in Latin America face severe online threats and abuse every day.  But as awful as it can be, there is also a bright side of the internet where good things happen, where good people make things happen. A Youtuber recently raised almost 300.000 Euros online for trans youth while playing a 52-hour Donkey Kong game (old-school huh). Even big names like Chelsea Manning and Alessandria Occasio-Cortez dropped by to support him and trans rights. LGBTQ youth are taking online activism to a new level in places you would never think of, find out more about their pioneering activism.

Would you like to support Strongminds in tackling mental health challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa? You can donate to them below.

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