Time for a mindset shift


Dear friend,

This past week I've been thinking about our ingrained conceptions about certain things and how it can be both hard but useful to let them go sometimes. The phenomenon of fair trade is a good example: Fair trade has a truly honourable history of trying to improve producers and customers lives, but it might be time to rethink it. The times are changing, time to look for alternatives that could be more effective.

Another example is how we approach global catastrophes. Global catastrophes, extinction level threats like climate change or nuclear war, are so complex and unimaginable that we usually fail to comprehend the level of threat they pose. We need to change the way we think about them and take action.

In brighter news, the two girls above, have made a great impact on their home island Bali. The Wijsen sisters have been campaigning to ban plastic bags in Indonesia since 2013, and Bali is expected to ban all plastic bags by the end of 2018. Talk about teen activists!

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