We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents


Dear friend,

Last week, for organised corporate fun times, we went to a "Bob Ross painting workshop". Turns out, no matter how desperately untalented you are (me) a good teacher can help you churn out a half decent piece of 'art'. So this week's inspiration comes from the painting of happy little accidents and tree friends we made. It's all about using creativity as a tool to do good.

  • Do you know about Favela Painting? They recently painted a former prison that's going to be a new home for refugees with fellow artists.
  • No matter what the intention behind it, art might not be always good for the world. 'artwashing' is a real problem, especially in big cities where gentrification is kicking people out of their homes.
  • I've recently had the chance to watch Breaking the Circle: a movie about how women in Brasil are breaking into the male-dominated Samba culture. Watch it if you can and read more about it here.
  • The film was based on this article in The New York Times by Shannon Sims on what it means for women to be breaking the Samba circle.
Photo: Favela Painting

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