Weekend shenanigans


Dear friend,

We've all been there... It's the weekend, you've had one (or five) beers too many and your fingers start itching. What is it gonna be this time? Drunk texting your grandma a saucy selfie that was meant for a potential (or ex) lover? Ordering five pizzas that you won't be awake to eat? Or another weird Amazon purchase you won't be able to make sense of in a weeks time when it arrives. 
We've come up with a much better thing to do for your drunk (and generous) self to do: drunk philanthropy! Put those wobbly fingers to good use and soften your hangover with the knowledge that you've actually did something good for the world. 

Did you know that along with making the lives of people who suffer from it very hard, depression, especially in developing countries, negatively affects the economy? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that depression can cause a country more than four percent of its GDP.
Depression is a vicious cycle that affects more than people who are living with it; it affects their families, their communities, and the economy of their countries.
Strongminds is a Kinder vetted charity that fights depression in a sustainable manner. They are tackling depression in Africa at scale by providing group therapy sessions, and by training people who attend these sessions to facilitate upcoming sessions.

Favela Painting is a creative laboratory established and run by Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. They've been making streets beautiful since 2005. Their latest project was in my beloved Amsterdam. They painted an old prison that was being turned into a home for refugees, with the people who were going to live there themselves. Watch the full adventure on Kinder.

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