Who throws away books?


Dear friend,

If you're active on Facebook you've probably noticed their new feature: the fundraiser. They rolled it out early March but they have recently started to really(!) push the feature. This new fundraising feature allows Facebook users to start fundraisers for the causes that they care about. All you need to do is pick a nonprofit from a pool of +750,000 organizations. Sounds pretty good right? But as with everything Facebook throws this feature into the wild and doesn't really screen anything about the process. So the fundraising feature might actually be causing harm to the charitable sector that we're working so hard to improve. Read more on Kinder World.

Have you seen Earthlings? It's a documentary about animal abuse in the food, clothing, entertainment in science and the reason why most vegetarians I know stopped eating meat. It has pretty gruesome images from slaughterhouses and animal farms. Some people think that showing such images is torture porn and is harmful to the animal rights movement; but Jacy Reese, the author of The End of Animal Farming, disagrees. He argues that we need more videotaped investigations of animal farms to show people the atrocities going on in there and to improve the state of the sector.

What do you do with books you don't want anymore? Throw them away? To me, throwing books away seems like a sin but apparently, a lot of people do it. Luckily, garbage collectors in Turkey found a way to salvage thrown away books and opened a public library with the books they saved, they even have a mobile version of it!

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