Here's why impact-driven brands are giving to United Actions

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Inspired by index investment funds, United Actions have all the ingredients needed to drive impact. By giving to several reliable solutions at once, brands partnering with Kinder can move past CSR-washing — and affect real change.

Imagine you are watching TV. Suddenly you see an image of a bird, washed up on the shore. Inside the bird is a monstrous amount of plastic. You are moved to act. 

When you look for a charity, you become overwhelmed by choice; should I donate to beach cleanups? Should I fund biodegradable plastics? Should I lobby the government? This is why Kinder, the charity donation platform, has created United Actions. 

United Actions are groups of top-performing charities — thoroughly vetted by the Kinder research team — all solving the same urgent problem from different angles. Each solution is equally important, and when channeled towards the same goal, they are unstoppable. 

When Kinder bundle solutions they remove the ‘Paradox of choice’, so donors regain a sense of control. But beyond that — United Actions are simply the most effective way to give. 

This is why impact-driven brands partner with Kinder. Their stakeholders are genuinely concerned about their cause areas; whether that’s child poverty, diversity in tech, or climate change. Kinder curates a selection of reliable charities for them, so they can move past CSR-washing, and affect real change. 

This is great for smaller brands, who have less resources, and are concerned with effectiveness. Simultaneously, most large corporations have outgrown performative philanthropy. They use Kinder’s United Actions to stay accountable. Every company, big or small, has the power to change lives.

Photo by Yan Krukov

The charities Kinder curates are the best in their field. Their team evaluates each one, with a method developed with top universities and specialists. They benchmark charities in areas like strategy, organisational skills, and transparency — and regularly review each one. As new solutions spring up, so will the effectiveness of United Actions. 

Philanthropic collaboration is an essential part of human progress. Kinder unites brands with the charity sector— but also with each other. Because the more we work together across industries and borders, the faster we solve urgent world problems.

Are you an impact-driven brand focused on effective giving? Get in touch.  

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