Rabobank partners up with Kinder to make an impact in the fight against COVID-19

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Today, Rabobank Charity Management and tech-for-good start-up Kinder announce the launch of their partnership helping Rabobank's affluent clients make real and effective charitable contributions to international coronavirus relief funds.
Kinder and Rabobank Charity Management have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Appeal, a report highlighting ten Dutch charitable organisations focusing on urgent aspects of the pandemic. This includes organisations involved in creating prevention campaigns, improving access to hygiene and health facilities, emergency aid, and developing innovative methods or research to tackle the ongoing effects of the pandemic. The report highlights organisations which were selected using Kinder’s effectiveness framework and aims to support philanthropists across the globe to make more impactful donations.
The COVID-19 Appeal is being distributed by asset managers on behalf of Rabobank Charity Management, the first banking Charity Desk in the Netherlands specialising in supporting account holders with investable assets of at least €1million. With the COVID-19 Appeal, Rabobank and Kinder hope to connect transparent and impactful charitable organisations with as many philanthropists and entrepreneurs as possible in order to help them achieve their social ambitions together.
“We appreciate innovative fundraising methods that are oriented towards increasing the impact of international charitable organisations. Kinder has a methodology for measuring effectiveness and providing personalised feedback and advice to increase the positive impact charitable organisations aim to have. We are very happy to be working with Kinder so that we can put more colour into this somewhat stuffy world and help philanthropists have the biggest possible impact with their donations.”

says Guus Loomans of Rabobank Charity Management.

Kinder is helping charitable organisations around the world increase their effectiveness by using technology, research, and storytelling.

says Mathys van Abbe, founder of Kinder.

It’s great that Rabobank understands that there are big steps to be made in regards to guiding large donations to organisations with the most effective interventions instead of to those with the most creative campaigns or the ones that are the most visually appealing. We’re happy to join forces and point concerned world citizens to the most effective organisations.

Through this appeal, clients can donate easily and anonymously. They can also receive tailored advice on charitable organisations of their choice by using Kinder’s online research and donation platform. Further, 'Kinder-approved' charitable organisations can use online tools to maximise the effectiveness of their fundraising. Together, Kinder and Rabobank hope to increase private donations in the charitable sector.

With charities of all sizes facing a cash crisis, this is now more important than ever.

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