Dear friend,

It's Deniz again. I enjoyed last week's newsletter takeover a little too much and pried the keyboard from Mathys's hands to do another one this weekend. (Yes, we share one keyboard in the whole Kinder team it's this new team building activity we got from the Swedish startup scene)

Okay, we might not share one keyboard but as a team, we share the same worries when it comes to climate change and the future of our planet. I, for one, am terrified of the coming 40 years and ending up with a planet unlivable for most even though I know I'll probably be ok as someone who lives in the Global West with priveledges galore. I'm not alone in this, more and more people from all over the world are rising against climate change and against their governments who are choosing the interests of a select elite instead of the planet.

So this week, we're talking about climate change. 

  • Speaking of the Youth for Climate movement, the 16-year-old activist who started it all, Greta Thunberg, just got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • If you're looking for a good read, I'm a fan of this piece we republished from The Conversation about how focusing on individual action about climate change is really convenient for big corporations and takes pressure away from them. We don't want that do we?
  • I've always been fascinated by corals but frankly didn't know much about them. Until I watched Chasing Coral. Now I know much more about coral reefs and I'm also much more scared for them. It's on Netflix, perfect for a rainy day documentary hang.
  • If you want even more documentaries about climate change and its effects, here's five.
  • Reading and watching all of this might get you a little scared and upset and hopeless (it certainly makes me feel that way). So to finish it off, here are six positive news stories about climate change from 2018.

That's all from me, see ya on the flipside

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