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Dear friend,

Guess who's back? Yup, it's me again, Deniz. This week I have a great excuse for a newsletter takeover, I'm writing to you from Berlin! I'm here for Proveg's New Food Conference and it's blowing my mind. The conference has brought together people working and interested in the fields of plant-based and cell-based foods. It's basically a (big) room chock full of scientists, researchers, investors, activists, students and future food enthusiasts who are all dedicated to ending animal farming and making the world a better place. It's also a fully vegan conference so the fact that I don't have to carry around my personal banana stash is making my eyes tear up. 

As I stare at a graffiti that says 'be nice' from the window of this press room and sip my oat milk cappuccino, I feel very inspired about the future of our food system. Here are some things that hopefully will inspire you as well.

  • Are you interested in the up and coming players in the field of plant-based food? Or maybe you're a starting-up plant-based food producer yourself. Then check out Proveg Incubator. I've had samples from many of the startups there and it's safe to say I'm coming back to Amsterdam well-fed.
  • This unusual partnership that might change the future of lab-grown meat.
  • You might think non-dairy milk is a new trend but in middle-ages people of the upper class were obsessed with almond milk.
  • If you're in the market for a longer read, I recommend Carol Adams's Sexual Politics of Meat for a perspective that doesn't get much coverage in the mainstream. 

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