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Before we get back to our usual newsletter shenanigans, let me boast *ahem* talk about our very first Kinder Conversation. If you remember from last week's newsletter (you do read all of them right?), we hosted an event this past Thursday on The Future of Meat. It was the first of a series of quarterly events we call Kinder Conversations, events in which we discuss the most pressing challenges our global society is facing with experts from three different fields: non-profit, academia, and business.

If you've ever organised an event, you probably know how precarious it is. It feels like one little thing can go wrong and take everything down with it. Just ask the Fyre Festival guys. 

But our night was the opposite of Fyre Festival: for once it was a big success. There were Zero Instagram models (that we know of), a very happy audience, interesting discussions, amazing food, delicious dessert, and we didn't make anyone sleep on a wet mattress (if someone did after leaving the event, that was totally their own decision). So, if you want some help on your next event Ja Rule, reach out to my team at Kinder.

After hearing from Dr Cor van der Weele and Pablo Moleman, the audience questions wouldn't stop coming. We didn't have time for everyone's questions in the end but we did collect all of them. So if you submitted any questions or if you're just curious about learning even more about the Future of Meat, be on the lookout for upcoming articles on Kinder World.

In the meantime, you can read our interviews with Dr Cor van der Weele and Pablo Moleman on Forbes. And to satisfy your unquenchable curiosity, we have a whole vertical on the Future of Food on Kinder World. You can read about Paul Shapiro's 2019 predictions on lab-grown meat, how intense animal farming is cruel to more than just animals and much more.

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