Kinder Landing 2.0: Travel costs & reimbursements

If you have incurred any costs for Kinder, please use this reimbursement form to make sure you'll be reimbursed for them. The process goes like this:

  1. You pay for something Kinder related.

  2. You ask for the receipt and keep it in a safe place.

  3. At the beginning of each month, you collect all receipts for the previous month and upload/scan them to be attached to an email to Carolien ( CC and so they are aware of it.

  4. You fill out the reimbursement form and attach it to that same email. (Don't forget to include the BTW! For public transport this is 9%)

  5. A couple of days/weeks later you have the money back into your account.

* Whether or not your (travel) costs will be reimbursed has to be discussed with Berry or Mathys before you make them.

Protip: Use a public transport chip card for Kinder related travels and make sure you've got an online OV-chip account so you can download an official overview of all your travels as your receipt.