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A Kinder Appeal is a research-based collection of charitable organisations, all dealing with the same problem with different solutions.

Today, we're very proud to share our Kinder Appeals with you. We're closing off this hard year with good news that will uplift the charitable sector and bring us together in solving our society's most urgent problems.  Read along to see how our appeals will change the charitable sector for good.


Every day we’re confronted with problems from all over the world. We're more and more connected to the rest of humanity each passing day, learning about the challenges people face and conditions they have to live in thousands of kilometres away.

All of us with a good conscience want to do something to solve these problems we face and hear about, to help people, animals, the planet. Being aware of what happens in every corner of the planet, but unable to directly influence it leaves us feeling powerless. 

As an individual, it almost seems like an impossible task to know where to start, who to support, which problem to choose.

“A single organisation cannot tackle a global problem all by itself. But by approaching it from different angles and with the support of the people, they can make great progress.”

Where to start, which problem to choose and who to support?
The problems are too many and too complex to be understood and solved alone. With our appeals, we want to give people who want to help a way to donate towards tangible solutions to these problems. Holistics solutions to eradicate the problems instead of putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

We create appeals with the belief that there is no problem too big for us to tackle together. We start with a problem and make sure to profoundly understand it first. Then, we scrutinise our database of Kinder vetted charitable organisations to find ones who are tackling this problem in the most effective ways.

We find the best scoring organisations and look at their solutions and interventions. Finally, we include the organisations who have the most effective and innovative solutions in our appeals.

How do we decide which organisations to include in Kinder Appeals?
This is where our vetting framework comes in. We have a database of over 2,500 organisations, all personally vetted by our research team. When creating the appeals, we choose the top-performing organisations with a track record of transparency, accountability and efficiency.

We do all the research and present the results to you, so you don’t have to deal with being stuck reading yearly reports and industry lingo.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to get up to speed and make your donation. The funds that appeals raise gets distributed amongst all the organisations in the appeal.

All the charitable organisations vetted by Kinder get access to our platform where they can manage their profile, see their analysis results and receive tailored advice on how to improve.

To sum up, Kinder Appeals are a big step in our grand plan of revolutionising the charitable sector from the inside out. Join us on our journey.  Do good, better. Be Kinder.

Explore the appeals platform here.

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